The adjacent territory of the building has a modern infrastructure

A residential complex of the highest standard, distinguished by high quality construction. The 12-story building consists of Y individual living spaces; The parking lot is located on the -1 floor, and the first floor is reserved for commercial activities. Residential apartments are on the 2nd floor and up. The minimum area starts at 48.6 sq.m.


You will find the following in the apartment: insulated walls with energy efficiency up to 20%, built-in partitions, a porcelain / marble entrance, a suspended ceiling made of drywall, high-speed elevator, plastered / painted walls, tiled floor, high-quality metal-plastic windows and doors made by German company X, built-in communications, heating pipes, and a balcony lined with frost-resistant tiles.

The adjacent territory of the building has a modern infrastructure and is a 7-minute walk from the metro station. Kindergartens and schools, as well as catering facilities, supermarkets, banks and other commercial spaces are located nearby. The building is fully compliant with American Fire Safety Standards. The construction is carried out in accordance with new regulations approved by the Government of Georgia.

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Why Paramon Gldani Apartment?

Good architectural project environment friendly cozy atmosphere reliable construction panoramic views 30/70 revenue principle 24-hour video monitoring continuous improvement landscaped yard children's playground secured underground parking quality safety apartment in Gldani near metro

Why project Paramon Gldani Apartment?

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Terms of payment

Before completion of construction - X GEL

Upon completion of construction - X GEL

Down payment - X GEL

Installment Plan

Internal interest-free loan until completion of the project

Discount subject to 100% payment

Mortgage is signed with X Bank

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Terms of Delivery

Apartments are delivered in a premium state of ‘white frame’ or ‘black frame’

Apartments are delivered fully-renovated