The company provides homeowners with the opportunity to rent out their purchased apartments and generate a stable extra income.

ParamonSki Mountain Resort & Spa is a new apartment hotel of the highest standards located in Bakuriani, within the Didvelli neighborhood. The territory is equipped with modern infrastructure and is in close proximity to all public spaces within Bakuriani. The project is a 5 + 1-story building, with a minimum area of 34.5 sq.m. A parking lot is on the -1 floor and a terrace, bar and restaurant will be located on the +1 floor. The apartment is located in a multifunctional hotel complex, which includes the full infrastructure and services of a five-star hotel.


The owners can use their apartments for personal accommodation, vacation or renting out. At the request of the owner, Paramon Group can ensure the rental of the apartment on the basis of 30/70 revenue split, which will allow a stable source of income for the owner.

30/70 Principle

In case of 30/70 revenue split, the owner is released from their obligations and expenses (e.g. utility bills, cleaning expenses, sanitary and hygiene services, etc.); Paramon Group would undertake the above obligations, which pointer-events: none;would be covered by its 30% share, while the owner receives 70% of the proceeds.

24/7 Service


Indoor swimming


Bar / restaurant



Why ParamonSki Mountain Resort & Spa?

Apartment in Bakuriani Good Architectural Project Environment Friendly Cozy Atmosphere Reliable Construction Panoramic Views 30/70 Revenue Principle 24-hour Video Monitoring Continuous Improvement Landscaped Yard Children's Playground Secured Underground Parking fully renovated apartments swimming pool sports facilities concierge services cleaning security

Why ParamonSki Mountain Resort & Spa?

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Internal interest-free loan until completion of the project

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Terms of Delivery

Apartments are delivered in a premium state of ‘white frame’ or ‘black frame’

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